Chaos V-Ray Partners in Art

Chaos Partners in Art

Helping artists bring passion projects to light, Chaos are on the lookout for fresh talent in the CG industry. Struggling to get your dream project off the ground? Whether you’re an indie artist, a content creator, a student, or a researcher – you can apply for a Chaos grant, ranging between 1,000 to 5,000 EUR … Read more Chaos V-Ray Partners in Art

Simulation Made Easy in Chaos Phoenix 5

Chaos Phoenix

Chaos Phoenix 5 gives you more control than ever over active body simulations and enables the creation of dynamic effects with fast presets straight out of the box. Thruster ForceCreate procedural animations inside Phoenix and move active bodies with a directable engine force. Axis LockRestrict active bodies to move or rotate along a selected horizontal … Read more Simulation Made Easy in Chaos Phoenix 5

What’s New in Modo 16

Modo 16

Create smarter with Modo 16.0. The Shader Tree has been re-envisioned to be easier to read and offer valuable new workflow capabilities. The new Wrap Effector offers a single, straightforward method to manipulate complex meshes intelligently and efficiently. Primitive Slice, the new Bridge MeshOp and Conditional Loops elevate modelling workflow in exciting new ways, and … Read more What’s New in Modo 16

Join Maxon’s First 3D and Motion Design Show

Maxon Design Show

8:30AM PST / 11:30AM EST / 5:30AM CET Join the Maxon 3D and Motion Design Show online to soak in some valuable tips, techniques and real-world production workflows using Cinema 4D, Redshift, ZBrush and the Red Giant suite of products. This series of artist-focused streaming shows includes presentations from Chris Schmidt, 3D educator and founder … Read more Join Maxon’s First 3D and Motion Design Show

Simple and Fast Cloud Rendering with Chaos Cloud

Chaos Cloud

Chaos’ cloud rendering platform, Chaos Cloud, lets users enjoy simple, fast, and smart rendering – without relying on local hardware configurations or virtual machines – all directly within V-Ray‘s UI. So, What is Cloud Rendering? When rendering projects from 3D applications, in most situations users will be utilising local hardware – meaning the CPU and … Read more Simple and Fast Cloud Rendering with Chaos Cloud

Autumn Savings until October 31st

Autumn Savings

Visit CAD Software Direct before the end of October, and you’ll see the AUTUMN5 code available to use at checkout to save an additional 5% on selected popular 3D CAD modelling and rendering software. Save an additional 5% on Rhino 3D Save 5% on new Rhino licences and upgrades using AUTUMN5 at checkout! Rhino 7 … Read more Autumn Savings until October 31st

Workflow Refinements Arrive in Modo 15.1

Modo 15.1

This release continues Modo‘s focus on workflow refinement with the addition of Omni Haul, Deferred Evaluation, Curve Booleans, and the MeshOp Stack Node. Significant enhancements have also been made to the renderer mPath, MeshFusion, File I/O and scene cleanup. New Features in Modo 15.1 OmniHaulAllows for customisable, gesture-based hauling of channels and tool properties for … Read more Workflow Refinements Arrive in Modo 15.1

A Change to Licensing Redshift


A major upcoming change to the Redshift licensing model has been announced by the team behind the popular GPU-accelerated 3D renderer. “Given the nature of Redshift as a product which integrates into other host applications and leverages cutting edge hardware, we believe customers need access to the latest releases for an optimum experience. We are … Read more A Change to Licensing Redshift

Learn Modo for Free

Modo Training

Foundry, the creators of Modo, have recently made over 90 hours of previously paid training courses available to everyone – absolutely free. Over 15 courses, worth over £350, will be made accessible at no cost including courses on texturing, character modelling, rigging, particle simulation, game asset creation, and more! The courses can be found at … Read more Learn Modo for Free

KeyShot Quick Tips

KeyShot RealCloth

KeyShot 10 brings a variety of new features including Keyframe Animation, Sun & Sky Day Arch Animation, and Environment Rotation Animation, but read on to see some quick tips for RealCloth and Light Manager. Mesh Materials Using RealCloth KeyShot RealCloth™ 2.0 allows users to create visually accurate woven materials inside KeyShot. Visualise everything from complex … Read more KeyShot Quick Tips