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Chaos V-Ray Partners in Art

Helping artists bring passion projects to light, Chaos are on the lookout for fresh talent in the CG industry.

Struggling to get your dream project off the ground? Whether you’re an indie artist, a content creator, a student, or a researcher – you can apply for a Chaos grant, ranging between 1,000 to 5,000 EUR (paid once or in installments), and get the resources you need.

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Take a look at some Partners in Art projects:

Chaos are looking for indie artists, content creators, small studios, and students who could benefit from their help and expertise. Chaos can assist you with financial support, software access and cloud credits, technical support, exposure via Chaos’ marketing and social media channels, and more.
What sort of project is suitable?
Anything that turns heads or bends minds – as long as it’s created using Chaos’ suite of tools. This could include a dazzling archviz project, a cute animation, or photorealistic VFX for TV or film. Chaos are also interested in educational programs that make use of Chaos software, or some kind of crazy metaverse project!
You’ll retain the rights to your IP and you’ll be free to publish it wherever you wish. Chaos will regularly check in with you on the status of the project. When you’ve finished your work, you’ll be interviewed about the creative process and your involvement in Partners in Art. 

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