A Change to Licensing Redshift

A major upcoming change to the Redshift licensing model has been announced by the team behind the popular GPU-accelerated 3D renderer.

Given the nature of Redshift as a product which integrates into other host applications and leverages cutting edge hardware, we believe customers need access to the latest releases for an optimum experience. We are also sensitive to the fact that the upfront cost of a perpetual license can be prohibitive to many, and that it can be frustrating to be left ‘stranded’ with an older, out of maintenance license which doesn’t work with the current version of your favorite 3d application or the latest generation of GPUs.

For these reasons, on August 30th 2021, Redshift is transitioning to a subscription product.

Full details of the announcement can be found here.

  • Lower initial cost – annual subscription pricing is roughly half of old perpetual license pricing.
  • Flexibility – monthly and annual subscription terms will be available.
  • No additional cost – ongoing cost is comparable to the current annual maintenance cost.
  • Redshift for all hosts – existing Maxon One and Cinema/Redshift bundle customers (including student licenses) get upgraded to Redshift for all hosts automatically at no extra charge.
  • Maxon App licensing – licensing will be handled via the Maxon App making it simple to share a license between your home and office devices.
  • Discontinuing perpetual licenses – new perpetual licenses will no longer be available for purchase after August 30th 2021; maintenance extensions for existing perpetual licenses will continue to be available until August 31th 2023.

We understand that this is a big change that will not be popular with some, and we understand subscriptions are not perfect for every single situation, but we truly believe this is the best path forward for the vast majority of our customers and makes Redshift accessible to a broader audience.

Redshift is available now at CAD Software Direct.

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