Modo 15.1

Workflow Refinements Arrive in Modo 15.1

This release continues Modo‘s focus on workflow refinement with the addition of Omni Haul, Deferred Evaluation, Curve Booleans, and the MeshOp Stack Node. Significant enhancements have also been made to the renderer mPath, MeshFusion, File I/O and scene cleanup.

New Features in Modo 15.1

Allows for customisable, gesture-based hauling of channels and tool properties for viewport-centric control.

Deferred Evaluation
Every time a channel changes on a MeshOp, the entire stack is reevaluated. Deferred evaluation lets users delay that update until they release their mouse. There is also Paused Update. This stops all updates from happening until the user turns pause off. Furthermore, there is low res mesh stand-in capabilities for all mesh items which substantially improves performance when editing high res, rigged meshes.

Curve Booleans
Curves are quickly becoming central to modelling in Modo. With Curve Booleans, users can now intersect multiple curves to create complex patterns and shapes.

The MeshOp Stack Node
Modo’s deformation and MeshOp systems rely on Order of Operations. This can be seen in our MeshOp tree view and it is essential for understanding how a mesh or deformation is assembled. Previously, this order could not be visualised in the Schematic node view. With the MeshOp stack node, users can now see the relationship between a node graph and and OOO stack, directly in the Schematic.

The latest version of Modo is available now at CAD Software Direct .com

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