Chaos Phoenix

Simulation Made Easy in Chaos Phoenix 5

Chaos Phoenix 5 gives you more control than ever over active body simulations and enables the creation of dynamic effects with fast presets straight out of the box.

Thruster Force
Create procedural animations inside Phoenix and move active bodies with a directable engine force.

Axis Lock
Restrict active bodies to move or rotate along a selected horizontal or vertical axis.

More Control
Extra control over how active bodies interact with your scene. Choose whether they should emit, attract, retain fluids, and much more.

New and Enhanced Presets
Stormy sea, jet engine, ice cubes, and speedboat have been added, while fire, beer, and ocean look better than ever.

Voxel Shader
Shade fire and smoke simulations, and meshes in a single simulator, giving you more time to be creative.

Realistic Foam Patterns
Create more realistic foam, faster. Easily add variety to the size and look of your patterns.

Chaos Phoenix is available now at CAD Software Direct and VFX Software Direct.

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