V-Ray for Maya Update Available

The new 3.40.03 build for V-Ray  for Maya is now available to download here.

Bug fixes include:


  • Fixed image sequences with an index out of the sequence range not rendering
  • Fixed crashes on old Maya versions on virtual machines and old GPUs
  • Fixed wrong result with material environment override
  • Fixed set driven keys not being exported correctly in some cases
  • Fixed export of textures with multibyte character names
  • Fixed outline appearing in the Matte shadow render element with certain sampler settings
  • Environment overrides now have textured previews in viewport 2.0


  • Changes to the Rounded Edges’ corners parameter were not detected


  • Fixed wrong animation range in the UI
  • Fixed mesh visibility lists not working after scene reload


  • Fixed issues with Ptex and vector displacement


  • Fixed UI issue with locked subdivs when “Use local subdivs” is disabled


  • Fixed different texture instances sharing the same UI control


  • Fixed crash when toggling the target


  • Fixed high CPU usage in Viewport 2.0


  • Fixed crash with PTC files and rgbPP expression


  • Now works with probabilistic lighting


  • The denoiser update button did not work after aborting denoise


  • Fixed issues with objects with identical names


  • Fixed crash when rendering archive

KeyShot 6.2 Now Available

With new features like Interior Lighting, the new Material Graph and Path Animation, KeyShot 6 brings speed and workflow enhancements to the visual creation process. The KeyShot 6.2 release is focused on stability and improvements, with updated importers, more software support, and improvements to network rendering, animation and workflow.

KeyShot 6.2 is a free update and is recommended for all KeyShot 6 users.

Download KeyShot 6.2 here.

V-Ray for 3ds Max Update

The latest update for V-Ray for 3DS Max is now available. Update now.

Modified Features


  • Prevent the Denoiser Render Elements from saving as separate files


  • Speed up texture sampling


  • Add “-abortOnOpenCLError” to stop hardware accelerated denoising on errors
  • Add “-frames” option that allows to specify the frames to process
  • Add “-verboseLevel” option

Bug Fixes


  • Materials with self-illumination enabled render incorrectly when light cache is secondary GI engine
  • Fixed problems with light cache “Store direct light” when using IR+LC after V-Ray 3.40.01

V-Ray RT

  • “Elements active” option in Render Elements tab is not working


  • Fireflies appear on scene with VRayFastSSS2
  • Highlight glossiness still renders when Trace reflections option is disabled


  • Clicking on the white area of the scroll bar in the color corrections window scrolls by just one pixel
  • Image messes up when scrolling in the window
  • Toolbar icons are not stretched over the entire buttons when screen dpi is changed


  • Denoising artifact appears on images with fireflies
  • Hardware accelerated denoiser messes up the progress bar during progressive rendering
  • Returns black result on some computers when hardware accelerated


  • Lag when switching between Shaded and Wireframe viewport modes


  • The __color keyword is not respected
  • Bool uniforms with initializers get random values


  • Empty texmap inputs lead to input parameters after them to be skipped


  • Fixed artifacts in the render


  • Crash when connected to a bump slot and has VRayNormalMap


  • Doesn’t work with network paths for input files

Keyshot 6.1 Released – Plus Updated Plugins

request-keyshot-trialIn the last few days, Keyshot 6.1 has been released and many plugins have been updated. Please read on for more information..


HDRI Editor

On the news of Luxion’s patent award for HDR Image editing technology, users of KeyShot Pro gain improvements to the real-time viewing and creation of HDRI environment lighting. The HDRI Editor works by allowing a user to add light sources by adding ‘pins’ to the environment. With KeyShot 6.1, user may now create half-pins – half rectangular or half circular pins. Both new and existing pins may be converted to half pins, by selecting the Half option in the pin properties of the HDRI editor. Along with this capability, the HDRI Editor user interface has been updated for a smoother workflow and users will see significant speed improvements in both navigation and generation of HDR images.


Other Improvements

Additional updates include the addition of IES light, point light and area light thumbnails in the KeyShot Library to better display brightness and color of lighting presets. The Toon Material Type now allows greater control over outline and part contours for improved production of visuals for technical documentation. The Anisotropic Material Type now allows adjustment of the Roughness parameter in both X and Y position. For KeyShot Animation, motion blur is now available for cameras as well, in both the real-time and offline rendering modes.



Many modelling application plugins have been updated. KeyShot now supports Sketchup 2016. KeyShot plugins may be downloaded at keyshot.com/plugins.

Is V-Ray 2.0 Compatible with SketchUp 2016?

An update will be released tomorrow (25th Nov) which will include full support for SketchUp 2016. This is a free update for all existing V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp users and will be available from the downloads section in your Chaos account.

The update will include improvements to animation, batch rendering and support for Skatter and ArchVision RPCs.

Keep an eye out on our blog tomorrow for further news of the update!

Get A Free Upgrade to V-Ray 3.0 for SketchUp..


Purchase or upgrade to V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp today and get a free upgrade to V-Ray 3.0 for SketchUp when it releases early next year. Users who have purchased a license from 1st November will be eligible for the free upgrade.

Chaos will also be releasing a free update tomorrow (25th Nov.) for all V-Ray for SketchUp users which will include full support for SketchUp Pro 2016.

Thea for SketchUp Now Supports SketchUp 2016

A new service has been released for Thea for SketchUp which includes support for SketchUp 2016.
This is a free update for all licensed users and can be downloaded here.

Thea for SketchUp v1.5.04.356.1413 (21st November 2015)

  • New: SketchUp 2016 support
  • Improved: Significantly improved Animation export speed when it has more then 300 frames
  • Improved: [Win] Double-click TheaTool top bar to collapse the whole window
  • Fixed: BatchRender – single check-box can be clicked now without selecting a proper row #2049
  • Fixed: Wrong mapping of a texture in copies of a component using a material with Cubic mapping #2139


New Features in Vectorworks 2016

With the Vectorworks 2016 release, much has been improved. In addition to the underlying code being improved for the latest generation of operating systems, there are some seriously useful feature upgrades that will not only improve productivity but can probably reduce the need for, and cost of, other external software.

New Features

  • Marionette
  • Subdivision Surfaces
  • Point Cloud Support
  • Energos
  • Horizontal Sections from the Clip Cube
  • Roof Components and Styles
  • 3D Modifiers for Slabs
  • Improved Vectorworks Spotlight Objects
  • Door and Window Improvements
  • Hardscape Improvements
  • Exciting Site Modelling
  • Hoist Tools
  • Subdivision Surfaces
  • Point Cloud Support

Project Sharing

Potentially a major step change in productivity, the new project sharing functionality means a job can be split out amongst contributors – with each user’s jurisdiction protected from another user’s edits. Project Sharing enables two core features – version control and task splitting. For some organisations, this is a huge, game-changing feature.

To give an example.. Say you had a project in Dubai. Some team members are in Dubai, others are back in London. The project needs to progress fast, but there’s no way everyone can be on site. Additionally, saving files to a VPN or Dropbox account only goes so far – there are inevitable moments of overlap, or staff are held up whilst another user or team edits the principle job file. Perhaps worse, elements are built separately and some poor soul has to compile them at some late stage. With Project Sharing, this chaos can be avoided. A single project can have multiple contributors, each is protected from clashes with another. There is no limit to the number of users that can be working on a project at the same time. Time zones become irrelevant. Carefully saving files or merging changes is no longer a manual task. The gains are enormous. Take a look at the video for more details – or talk to us about a trial of Vectorworks 2015 if you’re not already a user.


Ideal for those in architectural or civil disciplines, Energos is a built-in building energy analysis tool. Use to improve the energy efficiency of a design, generate information for interested parties or even export for further analysis. For more information, take a look at this article on using Energos in Vectorworks.

Subdivison Surfaces

Quite a significant modelling addon, now that Vectorworks has SubD modelling, it becomes easy to create more organic forms without the use of external tools.


Cloud Services in Vectorworks Software

If you are on Vectorworks Service Select (VSS), you can now use built-in tools to save project files to Vectorworks cloud storage and publish drawings to the cloud or a DropBox account. These features, combined with the new Project Sharing functionality mean potentially huge productivity gains for users working as part of a team.

Point Cloud

Save time on projects that interact with historical structures. Vectorworks 2016 can process cloud point data in an intuitive way. Snap to cloud point data in order to dimension or draw up reference geometry.



Marionette is a visual scripting interface based on Python. Specifically, it’s designed to allow easy creation and manipulation of calculated objects. Users of Rhino may see a lot of familiarity with Grasshopper. If you’re willing to spend some time with Marionette, it can become a powerful way to create organic geometry, develop repetitive forms that adjust incrementally based on a custom formula or use it to apply model-wide adjustments to particular parametric objects.


OBJ and STL Import

Further enhancing interoperability with other packages and systems, OBJ and STL import functionality means it’s just a little bit easier to load in objects from clients, suppliers, colleagues on other systems and object libraries.


Landmark Data Improvements

Small but significant improvements to the interface and live linking with the plant database should make life simpler for anyone routinely using the plant tools and database.

Renderworks Upgrade and Improvements

Easily modify line thickness and ambient light in OpenGL render. Use panoramic JPEG and PNG images as backgrounds as well as HDRI. Speed enhancements in full screen preview rendering and various UI improvements mean Renderworks is easier to work with than ever before.

Create Stage Improvements

Site Modelling Improvements

User Experience Improvements

Slab Improvements

Database Worksheet Improvements

Horizontal Sections from Clip Cube

Visualisation Techniques

Roof Components and Styles

Door and Window Improvements

Greater control over windows and doors including multiple glazing settings, new louvre settings, ‘span-wall’ window feature and other minor enhancements within the UI.


3D PDF Export

Easily export simple or detailed PDFs of your model for clients or collaborators. This incredibly useful feature can save time, reduce in-person meetings and means it’s no longer necessary to go to an external application for this functionality.

DXF DWG Improvements

Improvements to DXF & DWG exporting mean it’s now possible to store mappings and settings of classes to meet external requirements. Save one set of mappings and reduce time on every subsequent export.



Hardscape Improvements

Improvements to paving tools, allowing multiple gradients in hard surfaces and variable heights for kerbs and borders increase Vectorworks Landscape 2016‘s usefulness for users creating external environments.

Hoist Tool

The new hoist tool for Spotlight and Designer users allows hoists to feature as specific hoist objects within drawings and with associated settings – making them easier to create and edit.

40% Off V-Ray for 3DS Max 1.5 Upgrades

To celebrate the release of V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max, all V-Ray 1.5 for 3ds Max customers can upgrade to version 3.2 at a significant discount for a limited time. With the release of V-Ray 3.2 Chaos can no longer offer support for V-Ray 1.5 for 3ds Max so now is the time to upgrade!

Purchase today within the ‘Early Bird’ period of the campaign and receive an incredible discount:

–   40% off from June 22, 2015 – September 15, 2015

–   30% off September 16, 2015 – December 18, 2015

New V-Ray for Rhino Update

A new V-Ray for Rhino update is available. It includes some important bug fixes and changes to the plugin:

  • An issue with Material updates is now fixed.
  • Material previews in “Rendered” display mode are now faster.
  • Improved stability when detaching from a work session.
  • Fixed VFB and mouse freeze.
  • Removed bug which led to large files crashing BatchRender.
  • File loading is optimized and much faster.
  • V-Ray displacement uses less memory and is faster.
  • Added support for HDRLS 5. Painting lights in a scene is easier than ever. Support for HDRLS 4.0 is still available.
  • Newly optimized “ignore objects” code to improve diamond rendering.

Download Update.