V-Ray 3ds Max Update 1

V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max, Update 1

V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max, Update 1 is now out and comes with even more post-processing capabilities to help users perfect their renders even under the tightest deadlines.

Enjoy a powered up V-Ray Decal, so artists and designers can take their product visualisations and surface effects to the next level. V-Ray GPU also got even more powerful and memory efficient. Plus, find workflow enhancements that will help users get the job done faster, and new collaboration features to ease communication and speed up decision making.

Masking for Lens Effects & Denoiser
We’ve boosted post-production control with masking support for Lens Effects and Denoiser layers. Choose specific lights and materials to apply lens effects to, or denoise just the parts of your image that you’d like to smooth out.

V-Ray Light Material post-processing
Fine-tune V-Ray Light Materials using LightMix. With more control than ever before, you can now edit self-illuminating objects in your scene — even after you’ve rendered.

Decal cylindrical projection
Easily add anything from stickers and labels to different kinds of surface imperfections to bottles, jars, cups, cans, rockets, tanks, fire hydrants, or any other cylinder-like object. Match the Decal’s projection to the curve of the object’s surface in just a few clicks.

Decal additive bump
Blend surface & decal bumps in no time. Take your product designs to new levels of realism with lifelike stickers, labels, embossed logos, lettering, and more. Or easily create effects such as spray or paint on a cracked wall, corroded metal, or any other bumpy surface.

For full details, check out the release notes.

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