Vectorworks 2023

Vectorworks 2023 is Ready to Supercharge Your Workflow

The latest version of Vectorworks has arrived, and the 2023 release includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, Braceworks, ConnectCAD and Vision with the English language editions of these versions available now.

“We understand the importance and value of time, and we’re excited to give some of this critical resource back to designers with Vectorworks 2023,” said Vectorworks Chief Technology Officer Steve Johnson. “In our continued effort to empower our users to design without limits, our latest release boasts upgrades to essential tools that will lessen the need for manual work. With the freedom to model anything with fewer steps, more automated operations and more ways to collaborate with others, users will be able to supercharge their workflows and maximise their productivity.”

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What’s New?

User Experience

Offset Edge Tool
This new tool gives you more flexibility with offset edges and edge loops from both planar and non-planar surfaces.

New Home Screen
When launching Vectorworks, this new home screen serves as a single source for opening projects, accessing training materials, and more.

Shaded Render Mode
More light objects, glow textures, environment lighting, and reflections – these new options give you a better understanding or your project during design, ensuring better end results.

Faster Section Viewports
Calculations and processing are moved to the background meaning you’ll see viewports up to six times faster than previous versions.

BIM Workflows

Direct Modelling for Doors and Windows
No more tedious defining of parameters. Now you can create and edit doors and windows by drawing a rectangle or line in 3D or 2D respectively.

Folding Door and Window Configurations
New configurations can now accommodate a custom amount of leaves and sashes. Spend less time manually modelling.

BIM for Landscape

Hedgerow Tool and Object
Easily specify and model hedgerows then seamlessly apply to your site model in both 2D and 3D.

Site Grading Improvements
Improvements to Vectorworks’ site grading capabilities with new Site Modifiers modes like “Aligned,” “Pathway Path,” and “Boundary Path” will allow site designers to create more complex grading projects with new ways to account for proper drainage, vehicular or pedestrian use, and better control via contour drawing and editing.

Laubwerk Plant Objects
Access an extensive library of 3D plant geometry with a wide range of detail levels, seasonal changes, and growth representations, all ready to integrate into your Plant styles or on their own.


Cable and Power Planning Enhancements
The new Property View tab in the Power Planning palette will allow for easier selection and editing of objects in your model. New filter, sort, and edit options in the Property View will also make cable and device management more user-friendly.

ConnectCAD Updates
Discover more intuitive class structuring and assignment, the ability to specify device locations in a schematic layout for more automated equipment lists, the ability to add project devices to the database, and more intelligent choice list generation.

Vectorworks remains the unrivaled choice for BIM collaboration. Vectorworks will support the translation of more Revit object types and provide better organisation of the imported file data making it easier to design your project within the context of existing information. You can also reference a Revit file directly for a better collaborative workflow. Experience faster, more reliable results when working with IFC files, and have access to class, story, and criteria-based mapping for alignment with your Vectorworks file organisation.

Everything above is just a portion of what’s new in Vectorworks 2023, so it’s clear to see this is a significant update bringing with it many new tools and options to speed up and improve your workflows!

Vectorworks 2023 is available right now at CAD Software Direct .com

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