New Rhino Work-In-Progress for Mac

Licensed Rhino 7 users are invited to try the Rhino WIP for Mac. Key new features for Mac users: Apple Silicon (M1 and M2 processor) support provides significant performance improvement. Apple Metal support (replaces openGL) provides significant display improvement in all viewport modes, plus Cycles raytracing. Here are a few other things to try. Modeling … Read more New Rhino Work-In-Progress for Mac

KeyShot 9 – Free Upgrade!

KeyShot 9

KeyShot 9 is almost upon us, and in anticipation of the release we’re giving customers a free upgrade to KeyShot 9 when purchasing or upgrading to KeyShot 8 on or after October 1st 2019! The promotion is valid for all new KeyShot 8 purchases and upgrades (from KeyShot 6 and KeyShot 7) to KeyShot 8 on or after October 1st. … Read more KeyShot 9 – Free Upgrade!