New Rhino Work-In-Progress for Mac

Licensed Rhino 7 users are invited to try the Rhino WIP for Mac.

Key new features for Mac users:

  • Apple Silicon (M1 and M2 processor) support provides significant performance improvement.
  • Apple Metal support (replaces openGL) provides significant display improvement in all viewport modes, plus Cycles raytracing.

Here are a few other things to try.

Modeling Improvements

Drawing and Illustration

New Grasshopper components for annotations, blocks, materials, user data, and more.

And much more…

Download the Rhino WIP

Check the system requirements before downloading. A Rhino 7 license is required. An eval license will not work. Do not uninstall your Rhino 7. The Rhino 8 file format could change. To be safe, Save As Rhino 7 often. All Rhino 7 plugins and existing Grasshopper definitions should work.

These weekly WIP builds often are not stable or production-ready.

No significant price or licensing policy changes are planned. Rhino 8 will not ship soon.

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