New Rhino Work-In-Progress for Mac

Licensed Rhino 7 users are invited to try the Rhino WIP for Mac. Key new features for Mac users: Apple Silicon (M1 and M2 processor) support provides significant performance improvement. Apple Metal support (replaces openGL) provides significant display improvement in all viewport modes, plus Cycles raytracing. Here are a few other things to try. Modeling … Read more New Rhino Work-In-Progress for Mac

EdgeContinuity in Rhino 7


Have you tried EdgeContinuity in Rhino 7 yet? You can use this tool to visualise distance, tangency, or curvature deviation between an edge pair. Read more about EdgeContinuity here. Rhino licences never expire, and there are no subscription, maintenance, or support fees. Get started today with a free Rhino 7 Trial for 90 days.

Rhino 7 – The Most Significant Update Yet

Rhino 7

With Rhino, you can create organic shapes, quad meshes, and NURBS geometry in an intuitive modelling workflow – both on Mac and Windows. So what’s so significant about this update? Among other additions, Rhino 7 introduces SubD Objects and the QuadRemesh feature that improve the accuracy and simplicity of creating and exploring complex shapes quickly. … Read more Rhino 7 – The Most Significant Update Yet