What is the V-Ray Collection?

The V-Ray Collection is a bundle that gives you instant access to 15 Chaos Group products – all under one low cost licence. With total creative freedom, you can work freely between different applications to achieve photo-realistic rendering, fluid simulation and real-time scene exploration.

Move between multiple 3D applications and easily share content with others.

Instant access to new releases so you can enjoy the latest technology at no extra cost.

Don’t juggle versions and expirations dates. Just one affordable licence.

What Is Included?

Whether you use SketchUp, 3ds Max, Rhino, Revit…or any of the V-Ray plugins available – you’ve got access to them all. Create photorealistic imagery and animation with the industry‚Äôs leading 3D renderer.

Don’t worry about wasting time creating your own materials. Over 1,000 pre-made materials have been scanned to perfection for use in your projects. Plastics, metals, leathers, wood, stone, fabrics, and more are all at your disposal in the VRscans library.

Chaos Cloud
There’s no powerful hardware to invest in, or virtual machines to configure. One click to render and Chaos Cloud takes care of the rest. You’ll get 20 credits each year to render your projects over the cloud using Chaos Group’s superpowered rendering farms.

Phoenix FD (for 3ds Max or Maya)
Melt chocolate, launch a rocket, sink a ship, or pour the perfect pint. This is an all-in-one package for professional fluid dynamics simulation. Fire, smoke, liquids, oceans, mist and more – built in presets and easy controls help you create realistic fluid effects in Phoenix FD.

What about ‘Project Lavina’?

Also included as a part of the V-Ray Collection, Project Lavina is your fastest route to realtime rendering. Simply drag and drop your project into Lavina and you will be interacting and exploring in no time. Watch the video below to see it in action!

What If I Already Own V-Ray or Phoenix FD?

If you already own a single V-Ray or Phoenix FD licence, you can trade it in for the V-Ray Collection! Contact us for more information.

The V-Ray Collection is available now at CAD Software Direct .com

Everything above is covered in one simple annual cost, including free support and unlimited access to all future releases and updates for the duration of your subscription.

The products in the V-Ray Collection can work simultaneously on one machine only. However, as the Collection is a floating license, it can be moved between machines and users as required.

While there is no dedicated trial of the V-Ray Collection, please contact us if you would like to trial any of the individual products.

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