VisualARQ: Extend Walls and Curtain Walls

VisualARQ Development

Have you tried the VisualARQ Extend commands, available for walls and curtain walls? They let you extend these objects vertically to any surface or other Rhino geometry, so they fit with the shape. The objects keep extending to the target geometry once they move! Download VisualARQ as a free trial and give it a go … Read more VisualARQ: Extend Walls and Curtain Walls

Artisan 2 is Only Days Away

Artisan 2

The release of Artisan 2 is only days away! Watch the trailer video below to get a taste for what Artisan 2 has to offer. You can check out all of the documentation on the official Help Desk once Artisan 2 releases on May 24th! Existing Artisan Customers Artisan 2 is a separate product from … Read more Artisan 2 is Only Days Away

What’s New in Twinmotion 2022

Twinmotion 2022

Twinmotion 2022.1 offers a host of new features that make it even easier to createand share stunning visualisations and immersive experiences for architecture,construction, urban planning, and landscape design. Create high quality images, animations, presentations, and VR walkthroughs. Twinmotion offers unprecedented real-time quality, an extensive high-quality asset library, easy to learn and use tools, and seamless … Read more What’s New in Twinmotion 2022

VisualARQ 2.12 Available Now

VisualARQ 2.12

This is a free update for VisualARQ users which includes new features and fixes: Support for Worksessions Support for Grasshopper Player Override section attributes by Plan View and Section View style Save changes on VisualARQ display modes (Hidden, Conceptual, and Realistic) Show wall or slab layer names and custom parameters in tags Structural profiles for … Read more VisualARQ 2.12 Available Now

VisualARQ 2.11 Available Now

Rhino for Architecture

VisualARQ 2.11 is now available for download. This new update includes some new features and enhancements including: Import and export options dialog to read and save IFC models with data or as geometry only. Option to show plan and section views with no projection. Scale doors and windows with the Rhino Scale commands. Multiline tags, display … Read more VisualARQ 2.11 Available Now

Plug BobCAD-CAM Straight into Rhino.

BobCAM Rhino

Available as a standalone package, or as a plugin for Solidworks, BobCAD-CAM now integrates with Rhino 6 and Rhino 7. Access BobCAM’s powerful features and toolpath technology directly within Rhino’s user interface, which provides more toolpath options and better workflow to create a toolpath, verify programs, and post to CNC equipment. Get advanced 2.5, 3, … Read more Plug BobCAD-CAM Straight into Rhino.

Enhance your SketchUp Projects Easily with Skatter and Transmutr

Skatter and Transmutr

Skatter – Powerful Scattering Render huge amounts of vegetation, crowds, carpets, quickly populate city blocks, create parametric assemblies, and more – all right inside SketchUp! The “Render only” feature is currently supported by V-Ray, Thea, Corona, Octane, Indigo, Enscape, Shaderlight, IRender nXt, Twilight Pro, Raylectron and Kerkythea. But you can still use Skatter with any … Read more Enhance your SketchUp Projects Easily with Skatter and Transmutr

Enscape 3.0 Out Now

Enscape 3.0

Enscape is a real-time rendering and virtual reality plugin for SketchUp, Vectorworks, Rhino, Archicad, and Revit. It plugs directly into your modelling software, giving you an integrated visualisation and design workflow. As an intuitive design tool, it requires no prior specialised knowledge to use. You can design, document, and visualise simultaneously from one model. It … Read more Enscape 3.0 Out Now

What is Chaos Cosmos?

Chaos Cosmos

Chaos Cosmos is a free 3D content collection for architects and designers. An entire universe of smart content, Chaos Cosmos includes hundreds of high-quality models and HDRI skies to use with your V-Ray projects. Chaos Cosmos is a universe of smart V-Ray content, organised into 7 categories: Furniture, Accessories, Lighting, Vegetation, Vehicles, People, and HDRI … Read more What is Chaos Cosmos?

formZ supports OSX Big Sur and Twinmotion


formZ v9.1 has been released, and includes a number of improvements including support for macOS Big Sur (11.1). Download the latest version from the link below: Download formZ 9.1 The formZ team have also collaborated with Epic Games to create direct translators from formZ to Twinmotion and Unreal Engine. formZ models are converted to match … Read more formZ supports OSX Big Sur and Twinmotion