BobCAM Rhino

Plug BobCAD-CAM Straight into Rhino.

Available as a standalone package, or as a plugin for Solidworks, BobCAD-CAM now integrates with Rhino 6 and Rhino 7.

Access BobCAM’s powerful features and toolpath technology directly within Rhino’s user interface, which provides more toolpath options and better workflow to create a toolpath, verify programs, and post to CNC equipment.

Get advanced 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 axis toolpath technology in Rhino’s native design environment. Fully integrated CAM software that allows you to seamlessly transition from designing your part geometry to assigning advanced toolpaths. The CAM Software plug-in for milling offers powerful toolpath options that perform high speed machining and multi-axis cutting operations, taking full advantage of your CNC milling machine’s capabilities. It provides CNC programming tools that deliver speed and efficiency to help you achieve precision parts in fewer steps.

Touch off your tools, set your work offset or perform in process measurements with one of the 41 probing cycles that are now available in BobCAM for Rhino.

Steep Shallow Operations
Achieve up to 70% faster calculation times with better surface finishes using this combination toolpath. Best target steep and shallow areas of your part geometry with a single operation

Barrel Mill Tool
Reduce cycle time while improving surface finish using Barrel Mill tools for 3, 4 and 5 Axis Toolpaths. The expanded surface area of a Barrell Mill cutter allows for larger step downs / step overs without sacrificing the desired cusp height. Standard, Advanced, Tangent, Lens, Double, Section and Taper Barrel Mills are supported in BobCAM for Rhino

Corner Slow Down
Advanced federate mapping to slow cutting motion down as the tool approaches corners or sharp changes in the direction. Apply corner slowdown on internal corners, external corners or all corners and use custom settings to eliminate corner blowout or overloading your tools

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