What’s New in BobCAD-CAM V34

BobCAD-CAM v34

For this release BobCAD chose to focus on two major topics: usability and toolpath power. Focusing on reducing the amount of times you need to right-click, more organisation in the layer manager, added tools to manage your work offset numbers, and new toolpaths for deburring your parts, means every user is going to find enhancements … Read more What’s New in BobCAD-CAM V34

Plug BobCAD-CAM Straight into Rhino.

BobCAM Rhino

Available as a standalone package, or as a plugin for Solidworks, BobCAD-CAM now integrates with Rhino 6 and Rhino 7. Access BobCAM’s powerful features and toolpath technology directly within Rhino’s user interface, which provides more toolpath options and better workflow to create a toolpath, verify programs, and post to CNC equipment. Get advanced 2.5, 3, … Read more Plug BobCAD-CAM Straight into Rhino.

What is the BobCAD Advantage Plan?

BobCAD Advantage

The BobCAD Advantage Plan allows you to work in an up-to-date CAD/CAM development environment, keeping you competitive, improving operational efficiency, and empowering CAD/CAM operators with the most current tools to maximize your investment in BobCAD-CAM. Better productivity.By getting the most current updates and upgrades to your BobCAD-CAM software, you get the most powerful toolset available … Read more What is the BobCAD Advantage Plan?