SOLIDWORKS 2023 – What’s New

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS is here with an updated version for 2023, here to help you make informed decisions, accelerate product development, and connect people with data.

Watch the video below for an overview on some of the powerful new features included to help you alongside 3DEXPERIENCE‘s access to tools across the entire product development lifecycle including data management, collaboration, advanced simulation, manufacturing, and production.

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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2023

User Experience
Comments have been overhauled, ‘Reset to Defaults’ button has been added, enjoy improved flexibility when checking out licences from a pool, and push the render system even further with its improved stability.

Parts and Features
Improve definition by automatically applying construction geometry to sketched eclipses, apply equations to the translate and rotate fields, use stick fonts when scribing with the Wrap feature, and Defeature without the need for a new part file.

Shape Design with 3D Sculptor
See how the powerful subdivison modelling capabilities of 3D Sculptor, built around the xShape modelling application, can help you design quickly and easily on any connected device.

Cloud CAD with 3D Creator
Built around the design, manufacturing, and collaboration capabilities of xDesign, use parametric modelling tools to create production-ready parts and assemblies from any connected device.

Easily produce stunning visuals with Visualize’s import options, colour management features, and all-new rendering engine. Convert your lifeless CAD models into engaging visuals in no time.

Routing electrical systems in 3D is fast and efficient in SOLIDWORKS 2023. Flattened harness drawings are more automated, enjoy a new way to visualise wire bundle cross sections, and reduce the manual editing and cleanup previously required.

Accurately design and document your wiring, cabling, and harnessing projects, and enjoy extended capabilities for managing components and sharing information between 2D and 3D.

Adjust Contact Penalty Stiffness for any study containing contact, allowing you to trade accuracy for solve time when running initial studies of multiple analyses. Bonded contacts are more flexible than ever, and Underconstrained Body feedback is hyper-realistic.

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS is now available at CAD Software Direct!

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