Vectorworks RedShift Render Mode

Vectorworks Feature Focus: RedShift Render Mode

Every designer seeks to optimise their time when designing – and what better way than through the fastest rendering option in Vectorworks yet. In partnership with Maxon, Vectorworks 2022 introduces a new GPU-accelerated mode called Redshift.

Redshift speeds up rendering time without sacrificing the quality of your design. Instead of processing through the CPU when using Renderworks, Redshift uses the GPU which is much better suited to processing 3D graphics. This results in higher quality images and reduced rendering times.

Redshift, the world’s first fully GPU-accelerated biased renderer, also includes render styles to improve scenes with camera effects, lighting, reflections, and anti-aliasing.

To see if your computer is capable of running the Redshift renderer, check out the RedShift Hardware Requirements.

Vectorworks is available now at CAD Software Direct. If you want to see how RedShift performs on your projects, why not Try Vectorworks Free?

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