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Faster workflows from start to finish.

Vectorworks is a versatile, comprehensive design and drafting software widely acclaimed among architects, engineers, and designers. It excels in providing a unified platform for 2D and 3D modelling, rendering, and documentation, making it an invaluable tool for professionals in the fields of architecture, landscape design, and entertainment production.

Vectorworks stands out due to its user-friendly interface, robust parametric modelling capabilities, and extensive libraries of objects and symbols. It empowers users to efficiently plan, visualise, and execute their projects, enhancing both creativity and productivity. Its adaptability and collaboration tools make it an indispensable asset for individuals and teams in the design and construction industries.

Core Technology in Vectorworks 2024

Save more time with major upgrades to core technology in Vectorworks 2024. From an updated interface to the introduction of Viewport Styles and continued dedication to providing a data difference, you’ll find new ways to speed up your workflow and improve the integrity of your designs.

UI Modernisation

The reorganised View and Mode bars bring a wide range of tools to the forefront, so you can decide how to organise and have everything you need right where you need it.

Shaded Rendering Shadows and Camera Effects

Create higher levels of realism earlier in your design process with improvements to Shaded rendering. Take advantage of unlimited shadow casting in real-time processing to assess your designs more confidently on the fly and quickly determine lighting, camera, and material setup so you can create better visuals more quickly.

Faster Rendered Section Generation

Creating rendered sections and navigating your sectioned or clipped model will now be faster than ever. You’ll get faster and more reliable processing of a model’s visible geometry and more efficient creation of section viewports.

Vectorworks 2024 for Architecture

Parametric Handrails and Guardrails

Railing improvements bring you the flexibility and accuracy you need to create more custom configurations. The Railing tool will also support guardrails and handrails as well as configurations designed to help you meet building code and accessibility standards.

More Accurate Door and Window Documentation

Thresholds and sills are now better represented within wall closures thanks to more detailed geometry. Plus, you have more options to control interior and exterior conditions; gaps around doors and windows can be controlled for each side of the opening.

New Parametric Cabinet Tools

Create and customise configurations, or easily replicate popular cabinet styles from manufacturers. Layout and design built-in cabinetry for any space, creating more realistic visualisation and more accurate documentation.

Vectorworks 2024 for Landscape Design

Legends for Site Model Analysis

A highly customisable colour scale provides all the relevant information about slope ranges and elevation values. Additional settings allow you to display customisable site model data, perfect for reference or comparative analyses.

New Automated Fence Tool

Optimised for simplified and detailed representations, the Fence tool supports integrated posts, gates, and terrain-conforming options like raked or panel/stepped.

Landmark Colour Palette

Vectorworks Landmark 2024 brings you a dedicated colour palette to provide beautiful, nature-focused colour swatches. Clearly communicate your design intentions, saving you time and letting you focus on your design.

Vectorworks 2024 for Entertainment

Equipment Lists

Track your equipment more efficiently in Vectorworks with new Equipment Lists. You’ll also be able to add virtual parts and non-drawn items to your report. Precise and accurate reports can be easily distributed to clients and vendors alike.

3D Rack Workflow

Design faster with the new unified 3D Rack workflow. In the latest version, you’ll be able to quickly design and edit equipment racks in 3D, which will automatically create the required 2D objects.

Vision Projectors

Control colour temperature, check projector positioning, focus, and keystoning in advance, enabling a more accurate previsualisation workflow when combining lighting and media projectors.

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