V-Ray Corona Promo

V-Ray & Corona October Promo

Starting October 9th, 2023, until October 24th, 2023, users who purchase new annual commercial V-Ray (Solo, Premium, and Enterprise) and Corona (Solo and Premium) licenses can benefit from three extra months for free.*

Use these three extra months to dive into V-Ray’s incredible feature set and build your expertise. Or, take on more projects, safe in the knowledge that you’ll have more time to work on them. And your bank balance will be a little happier knowing that renewal reminder will come three months later.

All the benefits of a V-Ray Subscription
With so many added extras, there’s never been a better time to get V-Ray. A V-Ray Solo license will work with any supported digital content creation software, including 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, Revit, and Rhino, and it includes access to Chaos Cosmos, with over 4,500 assets and counting.

Or, you can upgrade to a V-Ray Premium license for all of the above plus:

  • Phoenix for 3ds Max and Maya, so you can unleash spectacular fluid sims
  • 20 Chaos Cloud credits to help you render faster and beat deadlines
  • Chaos Scans with complex materials such as holographic foil
  • Chaos Player for straightforward video and image-sequence editing and more features to boost your creativity.

*This campaign is not applicable to renewals and annual licenses for educational products. Terms & Conditions apply.

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