Enscape for Mac

Enscape for Mac now Extends to Vectorworks and ArchiCAD

The latest Enscape for Mac update offers direct integration with Vectorworks, and Archicad, alongside the existing compatibility with SketchUp. Support on macOS for Rhino 3D is expected by the end of 2023.

To celebrate the latest Enscape for Mac update, we are offering a special promotion to our Vectorworks customers. This promotion will run from September 27th to October 18th 2023, save 20% on a new annual commercial Enscape licence if you have an active Vectorworks licence. Contact us for a quote!

The development of Enscape for Mac for SketchUp continues, with more features planned for the first quarter of 2024. But users can already enjoy the following updates:

  • All types of light objects – Sphere, Spot, Line, Rectangular, Disc.
  • Asset variants
  • Improved overall performance and rendering quality.

This Enscape for Mac update is an important step to providing the same functionality that is already available on the Windows version. The development team expect to reach feature parity at the end of Q1 2024.

  • Real-time workflow. Designers have instant access to high-quality rendered 3D walkthroughs at every stage of the design process. Perfect for daily design reviews, live demos, and final client presentations.
  • 100% integration. Enscape for Mac is compatible with Archicad, Vectorworks, and SketchUp and works directly within the design application. Any changes made in either the design application or the renderer, are instantly visible on both sides, maintaining one single source of truth.
  • Ease of use. Enscape is extremely easy to learn and use, so even new users can start visualizing right away. The intuitive UI guarantees an enhanced design experience at every step of the design process.
  • Effective design iterations. Feedback cycles are faster and more effective, since discussions and changes can be made and seen in real time.
  • Render-ready 3D assets. Render-ready assets can be dragged and placed directly into your CAD model to help you get the right aesthetic for every project.
  • Immersive customer experience. Web standalones and panorama tours help clients understand every corner of a project through a realistic, immersive environment.

Hardware requirements
The MacBook Air (M1, 2020) with 16 GB of Unified Memory is the minimal M1 hardware recommended. The minimum required MacOS version is Monterey 12.6.

Enscape for Mac currently supports the following design applications:

  • Archicad 26, 27
  • Vectorworks 2023 SP6, 2024
  • SketchUp 2022, 2023

IMPORTANT: Feature parity for all Mac CADs is expected at the end of Q1 2024. Once feature-parity is present, all future updates will be the same for both Windows and Mac users.

Enscape for Mac is available now at CAD Software Direct

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