Rhino 7

Rhino 7 – The Most Significant Update Yet

With Rhino, you can create organic shapes, quad meshes, and NURBS geometry in an intuitive modelling workflow – both on Mac and Windows.

So what’s so significant about this update? Among other additions, Rhino 7 introduces SubD Objects and the QuadRemesh feature that improve the accuracy and simplicity of creating and exploring complex shapes quickly.

SubD (SubDivision) Objects

SubD objects are highly accurate and can be converted directly into manufacturable solids. Scan or mesh data can be converted into SubD objects as well, then optionally to NURBS.


Rhino.Inside is a technology that allows Rhino to be embedded within other Windows applications. Rhino.Inside.Revit means you can experience an unprecedented level of integration between Rhino and Revit. Bridge the gap between Rhino’s free-form modeling and the world of BIM.


Existing surfaces, solids, meshes, or SubDs can quickly be converted to a beautiful quad mesh using the QuadRemesh tool. This is ideal for rendering, animation, fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, and reverse-engineering.

In Rhino 7, you’ll find a streamlined workflow thanks to improved presentation tools. Support for PBR materials has been added, and a major update to the Rhino Render engine means you can render out the same look you get in your raytraced viewport.

Rhino’s display pipeline balances speed and beauty, displaying your models fast. Modern graphics hardware features such as GPU sensitive shaders and memory optimisations means fewer display glitches, and more consistent frames even with large models.

Documentation and Drafting
Modelling is just one part of the design process. You also need to show how to build what is on the screen. Many parts of the documentation workflow have been improved on tools such as transparency and gradient hatches.

New components have been added to Grasshopper including Grasshopper Player to turn your definitions into Rhino commands, Clash Detection, and Component Placeholders to replace missing plugins.

Hundreds of bugs have been fixed, and workflow improvements have been added such as Named Selections, Mold Making tools, a Single-Line font for engraving, and improved interoperation with third-party file formats.

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