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Autopath Add New Vehicle Libraries for SUVs and Pickup Trucks

Autopath, software for swept path analysis, is now expanded with new vehicle libraries of SUVs and Pickup trucks. This latest update will welcome all who design garages, parking areas, access roads and other urban traffic areas.

Users who have a valid maintenance plan for Autopath software can get all the new vehicles and software updates free of charge.

Direct Download Here

Autopath PRO includes many national standard vehicle libraries and utility vehicle types ranging from passenger vehicles, trucks with various trailer types, busses, bin lorries, emergency vehicles, trailers for wind turbine transport, agricultural vehicles, cranes, forklifts and many more, with new vehicles added daily.

Users of Autopath PRO also have the functionality to customise various vehicle parameters and even design own custom vehicles, trailers and loads.

Autopath is available now at CAD Software Direct .com

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