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V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max Arrives with Launch of V-Ray Solo, Premium, and Enterprise!

This month, we’re excited to introduce not only V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max, but also an important change to the way V-Ray is purchased that gives you access to everything Chaos – all under one simple licence.

The new plans, named Solo, Premium, and Enterprise, include access to all V-Ray integrations, as well as continued access to smart 3D assets via Chaos Cosmos. The new plans give users the option to choose between fixed and floating licenses, complementary software like Phoenix and Scans, and great discounts to multiple license holders.

As for V-Ray 6 features, enjoy scattering, memory-efficient 3D geometry pattern tiling across objects, procedural clouds, cloud collaboration, and much more – it is the beginning of a new, seamless, and flexible way to access everything Chaos!

Read on to find out more about the changes, as well as the new features coming to V-Ray.

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New Licences

New licences of V-Ray are no longer available as an individual plugin to a host platform. This means you can no longer purchase V-Ray for 3ds Max, or any other platform integrations, as a single item.

To access V-Ray, all new licences are sold as either Solo, Premium, or Enterprise only. Of course, the Education version remains and features everything included in Premium at a huge discount!

New perpetual licences are no longer available, but there is an option to upgrade existing perpetual licences to the latest version.

Lastly, the V-Ray Collection is also no longer on offer, though V-Ray Premium is in essence the same product as it offers everything Chaos under one licence.

I already have an active V-Ray for 3ds Max or V-Ray Collection Subscription

Great news – you will automatically be migrated to V-Ray Premium which includes access to V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max as well as all the other host integrations like V-Ray for SketchUp and V-Ray for Rhino. You’ll also get access to Chaos Vantage, Phoenix, Scans, and Player!

If you pay monthly, you’ll get your first renewal at the price originally paid. Annual subscribers renew at the original price if the renewal date falls less than 30 days after the release of V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max.

Subscription Renewals

Renewing V-Ray for 3ds Max or V-Ray Collection

As V-Ray 6 has been released for V-Ray for 3ds Max, users are automatically migrated to V-Ray Premium. You also have the option to downgrade to V-Ray Solo within 30 days of the migration.

Renewals will be for V-Ray Premium, and will be at the price of the original single host platform version if the renewal date falls less than 30 days from the release of V-Ray 6. Renewals after 30 days from launch will be at the new price for V-Ray.

Renewing any other verison of V-Ray (e.g. V-Ray for SketchUp)

V-Ray 6 has not yet been released for the other host platforms. This means that existing users can still renew their existing product at the old price. Please note that when V-Ray 6 is released for each host platform, users will migrate across to V-Ray Premium automatically and the terms outlined above will apply.

Migrating Perpetuals

Existing perpetual licences will continue to work as normal, and no action is required.

If you have a perpetual licence of V-Ray, you have the option of migrating across to V-Ray Solo, Premium, or Enterprise. Save up to 40% when migrating a V-Ray 3, 4 or 5 licence to a new annual subscription. You even get to keep your original perpetual licence! Contact us to find out more.

Alternatively, you can also upgrade to a V-Ray 6 perpetual licence when V-Ray 6 is available for your platform.

If you purchased a perpetual licence of V-Ray for 3ds Max between June 7th 2022 and the official release date, you’re entitled to a free upgrade to V-Ray 6.

What are V-Ray Solo, Premium, and Enterprise?

This new offering of V-Ray gives customers the flexibility to seamlessly choose which V-Ray integration they want to use without incurring extra costs. Each of the new plans includes Chaos Cosmos’ ever-expanding library of high-quality assets.

  • The Solo plan gives independent artists and freelancers an affordable and full-featured solution for rendering on one computer.
  • The Premium plan is perfect for those who need access to floating licenses and Chaos companion products such as Phoenix, Player, Scans, and Vantage.
  • The Enterprise plan is ideal for large studios considering volume purchases.

The V-Ray Solo and V-Ray Premium plans are available as monthly subscriptions, as well as discounted annual and 3-year subscriptions. The Enterprise plan is available as an annual or 3-year subscription.

What’s New in V-Ray 6?

Chaos Scatter
Populate your scenes with millions of objects in just a few clicks. The new scatter tool allows you to quickly and easily create forests, fields, crowds, and more, without using lots of memory. Download free 3D models and scatter presets from Chaos Cosmos to get started.

V-Ray Enmesh
Tile 3D geometry patterns across objects to create complex surfaces with lots of detail for stunning close-up shots. Enmesh is ideal for creating intricate panels, fences, fabrics, and so much more, and it uses much less memory than displacement or copying by hand.

V-Ray Decal with Displacement
You can now use V-Ray Decal to add displacement to any surface for even more realistic cracked walls, rocks, embossed lettering, and more.

V-Ray Material Faster SSS
Render translucent materials even faster with a brand-new V-Ray Material subsurface scattering mode. Plus, low-poly translucent objects render more smoothly.

There’s much more on offer in V-Ray 6. Try V-Ray free to see for yourself!

Upgrading to a V-Ray 6 license allows the use of either V-Ray 6, V-Ray 5, V-Ray Next or V-Ray 3 builds. Please note that with the release of V-Ray 6, support for V-Ray Next and earlier is discontinued.

Free Webinar: V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max

On July 28, 2022, Chaos are also hosting a live V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max webinar. Chaos’ 3D artists will demonstrate how V-Ray 6’s new features helped create the fantastic visuals for the release video.

As a bonus, anyone who signs up will receive an exclusive scene they can use to try the new version which will be shared in the reminder email, one day before the webinar.

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