KeyShot RealCloth

KeyShot Quick Tips

KeyShot 10 brings a variety of new features including Keyframe Animation, Sun & Sky Day Arch Animation, and Environment Rotation Animation, but read on to see some quick tips for RealCloth and Light Manager.

Mesh Materials Using RealCloth

KeyShot RealClothâ„¢ 2.0 allows users to create visually accurate woven materials inside KeyShot. Visualise everything from complex flannel and fleece, to muslin and more. However, it can be used to create other woven materials and with KeyShot 10, there are even more possibilities. Take a closer look at RealCloth 2.0 and learn how to create a realistic wire mesh or wicker weave material.

KeyShot Light Manager

With KeyShot 10, a new Light Manager gives control over all scene lighting from one location. Learn about the Light Manager features and how to use it to better manage all types of scene lighting.

If you already have KeyShot, and would like to upgrade to KeyShot 10, we’re running a discount from now until the end of February!

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