Introducing Artlantis

Introducing Artlantis RT²

What makes the release of Artlantis RT² truly remarkable is that it isn’t just another iteration of Artlantis in 2023; it’s an entirely fresh and promising software offering.

Three years ago, Studio Base 2’s R&D teams (formerly Abvent) made a straightforward observation within the rendering software market. They noticed a clear divide between software that prioritised speed and those that aimed for hyper-realistic images. This insight led them to embark on a journey to create something new while preserving the elements that made Artlantis successful: affordability, lifetime licensing, seamless compatibility with both Mac and Windows, and user-friendliness.

Guided by four core principles – simplicity, performance, agility, and realism – they built something new, giving birth to Artlantis RT².

When creating an image, users can choose their preferred rendering mode:

  1. Real Time: This option offers instant image creation. Beta testers found they could generate 8 full HD images in under 27 seconds using the real-time mode.
  2. Ray Tracing: This mode meticulously simulates natural light, striking the perfect balance between calculation time and rendering quality. Testers discovered that just 40 seconds were enough to create an exceptional full HD Ray tracing rendering.

For those who prefer not to choose, the option to combine both rendering modes is available.

The team also introduced an innovative feature called “Project Variants,” enabling users to compare multiple architectural proposals and evolve them independently without altering the original files.

Moreover, a significant portion of the workspace – more than 2/3 of the user’s screen – has been dedicated to the project itself, ensuring an optimal working environment.

One of the standout features is the integration of the MediaStore, a well-regarded resource among Artlantis users for its rich collection of characters, plants, textures, and objects (both generic and branded). Now, it’s seamlessly integrated into Artlantis RT², providing users access to a vast array of ready-to-use media.

Studio Base 2 has secured partnerships with renowned brands like Ligne Roset, Duvivier Canapé, USM, Vitra, Tarkett, and many others who have readily joined the MediaStore.

For existing Artlantis 2021 users, this release doesn’t leave them out in the cold. They have the option to complement their software with Artlantis RT² at a highly attractive price. This seamless transition allows users to start projects with their existing software and effortlessly transfer them to Artlantis RT² with just a few clicks, significantly speeding up their image production process.

Interested? Try Artlantis RT² free for 30 days.

Artlantis RT² is available now at CAD Software Direct .com

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