Altair Wind Turbine

Altair: Developing a Bladeless Wind Turbine

David Yáñez, Co-Founder of Vortex Bladeless has joined the line-up of speakers at the 11th Altair Technology Conference on May 21st.

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11th Altair Technology Conference
May 21st at the British Motor Museum, Warwickshire, UK

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Vortex Bladeless is a Spanish start-up developing an innovative wind energy technology that does not rely on blades, minimising the mechanical elements in a traditional turbine that can be worn by friction.

The presentation will showcase how Altair’s solutions are being deployed to investigate both fluid-structure interaction and the behaviour of the magnetic fields in the alternator. A general vision of the technology, the strategies used for the integration of the different physical phenomena involved and the path travelled so far during its development will be discussed.

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