ZBrush 2022

ZBrush 2022.0.3 – A Free Update

ZBrush 2022.0.3 is a free update for all registered ZBrush users (both perpetual licenses and subscriptions).

This update addresses many of the issues discovered following the release of ZBrush 2022.

  • Modified: Gizmo icons now 50% larger.
  • Modified: Strength of smoothing that takes place after alt-drag when cleaning topology curves is now dependent on the Stroke/CurveFunctions/Curve Smoothness slider.
  • Modified: ZCameras will now store up to 256 cameras.
  • Modified: Separate TransPose falloff controls for Gizmo and Action Lines.
  • Modified: Improved BevelPro bevel results with additional control options.
  • Modified: Smoothness option was added in the Bevel Pro Advance options
  • Modified: BevelPro now supports chamfering
  • Modified: BevelPro: Beveling supports inner boolean parts to fill holes.
  • Modified: Bevel Pro: Bevel/Chamfer operands feature polygroup separation.
  • Modified: BevelPro: Edge fixing is more aggressive.
  • Modified: BevelPro: When Auto Apply is enabled, edges are fixed in result as well.
  • Modified: BevelPro: Flipped meshes are respected.
  • Modified: BevelPro: Polish by groups respects masking.
  • Modified: BevelPro: Improved mesh rendering inside BevelPro.
  • Fixed: issue related to XMD hotkey.
  • Fixed: MultiMapExporter Layers Option.
  • Fixed: ZBrush to Photoshop 3D Layers issue.
  • Fixed: Knife brush with Brush radius option generating odd geometry
  • Fixed: KnifeCurve does not produce the expected results with BRadius and sharp angle cuts.
  • Fixed: Crash when Space Mouse is used to zoom in too far.
  • Fixed: Crash related to BevelPro when ZBrush is set to certain languages.
  • Fixed: DLL error preventing ZBrush from running on Windows 7.

ZBrush 2022 is available now at CAD Software Direct.

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