V-Ray 5 SketchUp

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp is Coming Soon

There are some big changes coming in V-Ray 5 for SketchUp.

Along with a new Light Gen tool, post-processing functionality with the new Layer Compositor — and much more, V-Ray 5 for SketchUp also gives you real-time rendering as an integral part of the design experience.

Real Time Rendering in V-Ray 5

With the real-time viewer, you can explore scenes, make interactive changes and quick decisions.

Purchasing and Upgrading V-Ray 5

Many users will be pleased to hear that there are no changes in pricing over equivalent V-Ray Next licences. In addition to this, all purchases of new perpetual licenses for V-Ray Next for SketchUp made after 1st September 2020, will be upgraded for free to V-Ray 5 upon the official release!

If you have a V-Ray annual, monthly, or educational subscription that is active upon release, you will also receive access to V-Ray 5 as a part of the term benefits.

If you currently have a V-Ray Next perpetual licence, you will be able to upgrade to V-Ray 5 once release day arrives.

Still Using V-Ray 3?

If you’re still using V-Ray 3, please be aware that official support for this version will come to an end upon release of V-Ray 5. After the release of V-Ray 5, V-Ray 3 licences will no longer be eligible for an upgrade to a newer version.

Please be aware that if you upgrade from V-Ray 3 to V-Ray Next between now and release, you are not eligible for the free upgrade to V-Ray 5, and would need to upgrade the V-Ray Next licence to V-Ray 5.

What’s the best way to upgrade from V-Ray 3?

There are two options when it comes to upgrading V-Ray 3.

  • Upgrade your perpetual licenses to V-Ray Next prior to release, and reserve your right to upgrade to V-Ray 5 at any time prior to V-Ray 6 release.
  • Buy a new monthly or annual license as this is much more cost efficient than purchasing an upgrade to Next and then a subsequent upgrade to V-Ray 5.

You can also migrate your perpetual licence over to a termed (annual or monthly) licence so you can benefit from the new features at the lowest cost.

What about the V-Ray Collection?

If you’re looking to move over to a termed licence for V-Ray to take advantage of the latest features at the lowest price, consider the V-Ray Collection – Access to 15 apps all under one licence. Find out everything you need to know right here in our post about the V-Ray Collection.

Do you have any questions about moving to V-Ray 5? Contact us!

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