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For the architects.
Sustainable Resources for Small-Scale BIM
Tuesday, October 18th | 2-3pm ET
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BIM has primarily been considered for large project documentation efficiency, while smaller projects and their design processes are often neglected. This session’s goal is to show architects and allied design professionals how the inherently data-rich nature of BIM can serve smaller and design-oriented projects. BIM can refine your building design process and help you uses materials more sustainably.

Through a series of technical vignettes, participants will see BIM in a new light: far more than an improved documentation and sharing environment reserved for large projects, BIM can improve both the efficiency of the design process and the efficiency of the design itself.

Attendees will learn…

  • about quantitative BIM design opportunities and the value of applying them to a resource-efficient design process.
  • how building design information can be a powerful foundation for an architectural response to material and resource use.
  • to identify the applicability of BIM tools and workflows to achieve project goals for sustainable resource use and building performance.
  • about specific cases demonstrating BIM’s role in the optimised design of material-efficient, high-performance buildings.

For the entertainment professionals.
3D Models and Rendering for Live Events
Wednesday, October 19th | 2-3pm ET
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Are you new to 3D modelling in Vectorworks or just looking to keep your skills sharp? Either way, this is the presentation for you! Join this session to learn how to create 3D models that will perfectly complement your presentation. You’ll learn tons of tips for 3D modelling in Vectorworks, like how textures can reduce the complexity of models, details on conceptual and free-form designs, and rendering tricks to help you present your models.

Attendees will learn…

  • about modelling in a 3D environment and how to bring your ideas to life.
  • how rendering can help you best present your models.
  • how textures can reduce the complexity of your models.

For the landscape designers.
Maximising Landscape Design-Build Efficiency with Technology
Thursday, October 27th | 2-3pm ET
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During the Great Recession, landscape architect and owner of a mid-size design-build company, Joe Hanauer decided to “tech up”. His goal then was to be a one-person design-build office. Now, with labour markets tight, using technology to create efficiencies for installation crews is increasingly important.

With hardware including a tablet, computer, GPS Surveyor, altimeter level and camera, combined with software for note taking, estimating and designing this session will reveal how they are all essential to creating an efficient workflow from first call to last shovel. This session will also show how this “almost-paper-free” technology workflow can be used to run a one-person office and scaled to work with larger firms, too.

Attendees will learn…

  • what hardware is needed to create a streamlined survey to design to build workflow.
  • how the integration of software and apps (CAD, note taking, estimating, e-books, etc.) can be used to create a smooth and streamlined process.
  • how design software can be used not only to sell the project to customers but to aid in design, estimating and installation processes.

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