Rhino and VisualARQ Course

Rhino and VisualARQ Online Course – May/June 2022

Asuni are offering live online courses of 6 and 12 hours, split into modules of 2 hours each, to learn Rhino and VisualARQ.

Rhino & VisualARQ Course
17th, 19th, 24th May 2022

VisualARQ Course
7th, 9th, 14th June 2022

  • 16:00 – 18:00 (UTC+2)
  • Language: English
  • Price: 180€+VAT (VisualARQ course only), 360€+VAT (full course). (Students 50% off)

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This course is aimed at architects who want to get into BIM technology with Rhino and VisualARQ.

This course will introduce the main tools of Rhino and VisualARQ for developing projects of architecture in 3D, producing the 2D documentation drawings, and delivering a BIM model for other AEC applications.

If you don’t know Rhino, you can take the full course distributed into 6 sessions of two hours each, starting on May 17th.

If you are familiar with Rhino, you can skip the first course and just take the VisualARQ course, consisting of 3 sessions of 2 hours each, starting on June 7th.

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