Modo 15

Modo 15.2 Update Available

Modo 15 is here to help you work faster and smarter. Stay in the flow with OmniHaul, simplify booleans with Union-All mode, render faster with mPath enhancements, and model smarter with Deferred Updates. All this and more makes Modo 15 a must have for any artist or designer.

Primitive Slice
Primitive slice further elevates Modo’s curve modeling capabilities by allowing users to slice and boolean primitive shapes like a square or a circle into geometry. Furthermore, users can leverage profile presets for more refined control over shapes.

Slice Tools
An extension of the capabilities in Primitive Slice, The slice tools, Curve Slice and Pen Slice now have boolean modes allowing for quick boolean operations based on curves drawn in the scene.

MeshFusion Simplified Interaction
Fusion Modes have been removed from 15.2 allowing users to seamlessly select strips or source items directly in the viewport without having to manually switch modes. This improves workflow and discoverability.

Slice Effector Boolean Modes
The Pen Slice and Curve Slice Meshops now support boolean modes that allow users to quickly produce boolean effects from curves.

Primitive Generator
Primitive Slice is a new direct tool that lets users quick slice or boolean geometry with primitive shapes. Support for this has been added to the procedural toolset with the Primitive Generator.

mPath Render Booleans
mPath is Foundry’s powerful new hybrid pathtrace renderer. In 15.2, Render booleans have been added. This makes it incredibly easy to create cross section cutaways for product and graphical visualisations.

Advanced Viewport Progressive Playblasts
Following the introduction of progressive effects in the advanced viewport in 15.0, these progressive effects such as anti-aliasing, DoF and Shadows can now be included in viewport playblasts allowing users to create high quality renders directly from the viewport.

SelectionOp Stack Node
Modo’s Order Of Operations system is extremely powerful. However, it can be difficult to understand the order of MeshOps and SelectionOps in the schematic viewport. The MeshOp Stack node was added in 15.1. In 15.2 the Modo team have added this ability for Selection Ops, better informing artists of how a stack relates to a node graph.

General Schematic Enhancements
Now that Modo supports display of stacks within schematic, multiple generic enhancements have been added to the schematic viewport. Stack operation visibility can be toggled off and on in the stack nodes. Users have access to new operations directly in the stack nodes and a preset browser will appear under the mouse pointer when dragging out a new connection.

USD Support for Custom User Channels
Orient to selection has been added to the dimension tool, improving how designers assess the dimensions of the items they create. This has also been added to the Absolute Scale tool providing thought-free interaction. Finally, Replicators can be frozen through the right click menu in the Item list.

Tune Ups
With every release, the Modo team touch on existing features and workflows with meaningful refinements. The Script Editor has received many improvements to make scripting a more comfortable experience. Convert Instances to Replicas makes it easier to switch between instancing and replicators. And the PBR loader will now automatically add imported PBR textures into groups that already have the correct polygon tags.

This latest version of Modo is available now at CAD Software Direct and our new partner site, VFX Software Direct.

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