Modo 15

Modo 15.0 Re-envisions MeshFusion

The first of three releases in the Modo 15 series, Modo 15.0 introduces new workflow paradigms that define the future of design and content-creation.

MeshFusion has been re-envisioned from the ground up to improve performance, refine user experience and reduce technical barriers. MeshFusion has also received technology updates that further enhance this powerful toolset.

New MeshFusion Features

New Fusion Menu
Organised to guide users through using MeshFusion by following a top to bottom order.

Selection Workflow
Auto Selection
Viewport-focused interaction with intelligent display of only what you need.

Source Mode
Isolation of source meshes without cluttering the viewport

Attribute Mode
– Exposure of important channels in the viewport and more granular menus to facilitate better understanding of properties that are available.

– New selectable corner item and corner item vtab to refine available editable properties.

– Shift-q to hide and reveal selected source items to allow for selection of blocked items

– “Strip per intersection” to simplify fusion item strip complexity and offer a way for users to logically add complexity. Also improves performance.

– Part-based selection workflow for editing strip sides and corner sides properties intuitively

– Use of topology shading for source items and presets to facilitate editing of source items

– Deferred update on by default and strip previews to improve interactivity while preserving feedback on complex models.

Material Modes
Shading that lets users identify how a fusion item was constructed by establishing a relationship between part colours and their boolean role.

Unsmoothed 0 Subd Level
This is a Low Poly Mode allowing for traditional style booleans but with the advantage of strips between intersections.

Accurate edge weighting
Accurate recreation of edge weighted SubD meshes in the fusion item.

Wireframe Quad Display
The fusion item mesh wireframe is now represented as Quads instead of Tri’s improving readability of fusion item topology.

Along with this MeshFusion overhaul, you will find valuable new features to modelling, rendering, 3D viewport, animation workflow, and rigging.

Rig clay, Command Regions and Form Presets have been updated to support meshops, continuing Modo’s commitment to customisation. An interactive mode has been added to mPath allowing for faster iteration. With Additional features and enhancements throughout modelling and animation, the stage is set for a spectacular 15 series.

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Modo 15 is available now at CAD Software Direct .com

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