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KeyShot Case Study: Pan Oston

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Pan Oston has been the market leader over the last 50 years in the Netherlands for in-wall cash register systems most often found at the checkouts. Over the years, they’ve grown their product lines to self-checkout and self-service kiosks expanding their sales to England, Belgium, France, and more.

They use KeyShot to create the visuals that showcase their products with the highest level of realism. KeyShot partner, AESC B.V., recently spoke with Corné van Braak, Head of Innovation & Design, to learn more about how KeyShot has improved their process.

Modeling software used: SOLIDWORKS

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What sparked your interest in Product Design and Engineering?

Trained in Solidworks, creating products in 3D is a massively efficient way to develop products. We want to show products like they are meant to be shown. With a CAD drawing, you can present the function and give context to the product. When you really want to reveal the final design, you model it in 3D and render it in KeyShot. I noticed people often already used KeyShot because they see the advantages, such as the speed of visualising. For us to be really photorealistic, KeyShot is the best tool.

Where in the process is KeyShot used?

Once we have our product proposal ready, it is refined by our engineering department with SolidWorks. The basic model is further refined into something that can be produced. From that moment it has gone through the entire organisation.

We have a number of basic configurations used to create a custom design for our customers. KeyShot allows us to customise the product for the customer and shift fast. The customer knows what they are getting much sooner and we can show, in detail, how the product will look. As a result, we save money on prototypes. KeyShot is also very nice for online marketing visuals as well as trade fairs we attend.

What are some projects you have/the company has used KeyShot on?

Tipico, a provider of sports betting and casino games, is one of our customers. They expect added-value design and a distinctive product with a prominent form. KeyShot allows us to be more efficient in this area and capture it with the rendering of LED lighting for the products.

Overall, how has KeyShot helped save time, money and/or improve quality?

KeyShot has helped with the quality of communication, allowing us to show a more realistic version of the product. Previous software packages would create the wrong expectations. KeyShot contributes to a more realistic appearance, and since the team uses the same workflow with the same materials, we are able to work and make adjustments quickly.

What advice would you give to others interested in doing what you do?

Take advantage of KeyShot’s seamless integration with 3D software to generate product visuals quickly and easily. The ability to use KeyShot for GPU rendering allows you to generate renderings even faster, which not only improves the visualization process but also makes it easier to render animations.

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