KeyShot 10.1

KeyShot 10.1 Update

This latest update to KeyShot brings additions that complement the existing workflow such as Collision Detection and Part Settling, Smart Export to multiple AR formats at once, USD Import, and multi-selection for both Light Manager and Keyframe Animation.

Collision Detection and Settle

KeyShot 10.1 introduces the new Move Tool which includes Collision Detection and Settle which helps when objects need a more realistic arrangement amongst other objects within a scene. Use the tool to detect collisions and settle items on other objects or the ground, or separately as an easy way to align objects with other scene objects.

Smart Export/Import Enhancements

KeyShot files can now be exported into separate USDz and GLB files in one unified export process. This performs the Baking and UV unwrapping together, easily creating files that work on both iOS and Android/Web devices.


Lighting Enhancements

KeyShot 10.1 improves Light Manager by adding the ability to select and control multiple lights simultaneously, making proportional adjustments to the entirety of a scene’s lighting, or select lighting, fast and efficient. KeyShot 10.1 also improves Light Gizmo and Light Manager by introducing the ability to sync changes and undo changes using the standard Undo function.

Keyframe Animation Enhancements

KeyShot 10.1 introduces the ability to select multiple keyframes at once from within the Animation Timeline. Additionally, multiple keyframes may be copied and pasted along the same node, or pasted as mirrored. Custom Easing Curves may now also be edited for multiple animations at once.

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