Join NDAR at the Navalia Shipbuilding Trade Show in Vigo, Spain

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Navalia Shipbuilding Trade Show
Vigo, Spain
24th – 26th May 2022

Navalia has two main objectives; to give the shipbuilding sector its own international image, and to introduce them to the most important present-day economies.

Since its inception in 2006, NAVALIA has seen 90 countries participating in the exhibition, over 600 represented brands, and visitors exceeding 25,000 travelling to see this international shipbuilding and maritime industry exhibition.

Take the opportunity to visit NDAR at the trade show this year, where they will showcase Orca, among other marine software offerings. Orca3D is a plugin for Rhino that streamlines the design process with marine-specific tools.

Conceptualise, create, and analyse a vessel all in one place. Use tools to create and fair a hull form, appendages, decks, and superstructure surfaces. Analyse hydrostatics and stability, predict speed compared to horsepower, and track the weight, centre of gravity, and cost of the design.

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