Innovative Boat Design with Rhino

Guillaume Verdier, one of yacht racing’s most prolific designers, uses Rhino to design for the Ocean Race. Verdier brings together the very best minds in the offshore sailing world to work collaboratively across all areas including structural design to routing, engineering to computational fluid dynamics.

Rhino is a powerful 3D modeler for all phases of design and fabrication. Rhino uses accurate NURBS surfaces to help model any aspect of a vessel. Rhino’s flexibility lets you create your design in many different ways and does not lock you into one predefined approach so that it may be used for schematic design work to fabrication details.

Rhino serves as a basis for many marine specific plugins which add specific feature sets. The plugins supported by naval architects and marine experts allow you to build up the analysis tools needed in your work, such as Orca3D for Rhino.

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