I’m New to Vectorworks, What’s the Cheapest Way to Buy Vectorworks?

This is a common question we hear from new Vectorworks users. Typically, a user knows that Vectorworks is the right software for them because they’ve used it as a student or in-practice but now need their own licence. When starting out, it can be a substantial purchase and in this post we’ll have a quick look at options to assuage or mitigate the initial purchase cost.

It’s worth noting that there are savings to be had based on the licence type – but there are also ways to spread the cost of Vectorworks.

Licence/Customer Type

Spreading the Cost of Vectorworks

Recently Graduated/Moving from Being a Student to a Professional

Vectorworks offer a low cost route to purchase a commercial licence if you were previously a student. It is contingent upon several things. Here’s what Vectorworks say:

Graduates within the past 12 months from a post-secondary design-based program are qualified to purchase one (1) software license under student2PRO. Additionally, student2PRO also includes a discounted membership to Vectorworks Service Select.The student2PRO purchase scheme is available only to design students who have graduated within the past 365 days. To qualify, graduates must have completed a degree at a university, college, or a post-secondary vocational or poly-technical school within the past 365 days and submit transcripts or a diploma showing degree completion and graduation date.

If this applies to you, contact us today to help process proof of eligibility and get you up and running as quickly as possible. Savings are very generous – so speak to us today for a quote.

New User, Never Had Vectorworks Before

If you have never previously purchased Vectorworks yourself, you will be eligible for a discount on VSS – Vectorworks Service Select. If you are looking to use Vectorworks over the longer term and wish to keep it up to date, Service Select is the most cost effective option.

If you don’t plan to upgrade your hardware and don’t need new features, it can be more cost effective to run a licence for many years and then purchase a new one when necessary. However, many of our customers do like to update their hardware and software – and in particular Mac users tend to update operating systems frequently. In doing so, this often causes conflict with older software at which point Vectorworks can only be upgraded from the last three versions and customers who have missed this window will need to purchase a new licence. On the other hand, Service Select is several hundred pounds per year but means no more lump sum new licences or big upgrades and provides access to cloud tools, online training in addition to all releases.

In short, for those who wish to stay up to date, Vectorworks with Service Select is the cheapest way to do that.

Rent / Vectorworks Subscription

Vectorworks now offer a subscription option. This is great for short term usage or in times of limited cash-flow; however, it is not cost-effective in the medium or long term as the accumulated cost quickly overtakes the cost of a perpetual licence. Vectorworks subscriptions are available here. If you’re looking for longer term options, please read the next section.

Spreading the Cost of Vectorworks

There are a range of ways to do this, other than subscription, which would spread the cost but leave you in control of the software at the end of the term. Please take a look at our ‘Spread Vectorworks Payments‘ page for more information.

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