Enscape for Mac

Enscape for Mac – Open Beta

Enscape for Mac: Open Beta Now Available for SketchUp 2021.

The team behind Enscape have shared a significant milestone in the journey to providing current and future users with a Mac version of Enscape. Enscape for Mac – Open Beta, is now available for SketchUp 2021 (not currently supported on SketchUp 2022).

Join the Enscape for Mac Beta

Modern stairway in residential house

Included in the Enscape for Mac – Open Beta

The open beta is free to use and will provide architects, designers, and students with the core functionality of Enscape’s real-time visualisation plugin. Users will enjoy 70% feature parity with Enscape 3.1 for this initial release.

Included with the beta version of Enscape for Mac:

  • Support for SketchUp 2021 (SketchUp 2022 will follow in the future).
  • Real-time visualisation: Visualise your model in real time in the Enscape rendering window.
  • Real-time walkthrough: Easily navigate your rendered project with the walk, fly, and perspective modes.
  • Export options: Export your visualisations and share your design ideas with ease, with still render, panorama, and web standalone options.
  • Visual Settings: Create the right look with a range of atmosphere, image, capture, and rendering settings.
  • Material Editor: Make use of height maps and adjust textures to raise the level of realism in your visualisations.

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