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Digitising Plan Reviews with Bluebeam

Join the Bluebeam team to learn tips for standardising digital tools and processes across teams, plus tips for ensuring buy-in.

Digitising Plan Reviews
3pm GMT – 18th January
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Have you started your digital transformation but aren’t sure you’re going about it in the right way? Are you running into issues making the jump from paper-based reviews?  

Join Bluebeam on January 18th to discover implementation strategies for digitising plan reviews the right way. You’ll hear tips for standardising tools and processes across teams, and learn change management strategies for smoothing the transition and ensuring buy-in from the start. 

You’ll also hear from Rustavius Ford, Pre-Construction Engineer for Cobb County, Georgia, who’ll share how his municipality uses Bluebeam for faster design reviews, document management and processing.

You’ll learn:

  • Bluebeam’s best practice workflow for digital plan reviews
  • How to detect changes between drawing submissions in Revu to ensure you’re approving the correct documents 
  • How to accelerate the review process with standardised markups 
  • How to use the Markups List in Revu to easily create comprehensive corrections lists 

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