Rhino Work in Progress (WIP) Now Available

If you’re a licensed Rhino 7 user, you are invited to try the Rhino WIP and receive notifications as new features and major enhancements near completion.

Download Rhino WIP

New features to try:

Latest refinements and bug fixes

Important details:

  • Check the system requirements before downloading.
  • A Rhino 7 license is required. An eval license will NOT work.
  • Do NOT uninstall your Rhino 7.
  • The Rhino 8 file format could change. To be safe, Save As Rhino 7 often.
  • All Rhino 7 plugins and existing Grasshopper definitions should work.
  • CAUTION: These weekly WIP builds often are not stable or production-ready.
  • No significant price or licensing policy changes are planned.
  • If you have any problems, suggestions, or ideas, contact McNeel here.

Rhino 7 is available now at CAD Software Direct. While the WIP is in active development, McNeel openly have no plans to ship Rhino 8 any time soon!

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