Artlantis Webinar

Preparing Renderings in Artlantis from a Vectorworks Model

If you missed our free webinar on how to use a Vectorworks model in Atlantis, you can catch up by watching the recording below.

Ildikó Szabo, Abvent Product Specialist, shows how Artlantis, Abvent’s stand-alone rendering application for architects and designers, can take a model produced in Vectorworks, and use it to produce stunning, photo-realistic renders.

Using the free and simple Vectorworks plugin for Artlantis, you can convert a Vectorworks file into one that is readable by Artlantis, and ready for rendering.

Learn about high resolution shaders, 3D objects and textures which give your presentations the look you want, and help you accomplish even the most ambitious projects.

Equipped with an intuitive interface and great tools, Artlantis 2020 boasts a number of new features elevating your architectural visualisations to new heights!

Artlantis is the perfect software for Vectorworks users, allowing them to present their projects with 3D photorealistic renderings.

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