Cinema 4D’s Role in UEFA’s Euro 2012

Powerful Soccer Symbolism

When UEFA initiated the Euro 2012, a powerful symbol had to be created for the tournament and CINEMA 4D played a key role in its creation.

 Major events cast long shadows, and so it was that in the latter part of 2009 the Portuguese effects studio Bikini was contacted by the agency Brandia Central and given the job of creating the animated version of the logo for the upcoming (2012) European soccer championship.

Helder Pombinho, creative director at Bikini, and his team created dynamic animations based on Brandia’s designs. Avoiding a photo-realistic look, these animations had to capture the expression, style and feeling of the graphics they depicted.

The scenes were full of SubSurface Scattering”, remembers Helder. “It was one of the CINEMA 4D features we used the most – whereby many of the scene elements were 2D or 2.5D.

In the course of four months, the trio at Bikini developed video vignettes, clips, transitions and stills for the Euro 2012. CINEMA 4D’s MoGraph and Dynamics features were used to create great-looking animations for the wide variety of elements involved.

Bikini used CINEMA 4D’s renderer and its Sketch & Toon feature to create the desired look. The hard work paid off and the team was awarded the prize for Best Motion Graphics 2010 from the Creative Club Portugal – a prize you don’t win everyday! This is a project upon which Helder reflects with joy, because thanks to CINEMA 4D, its realization went quickly and smoothly. “CINEMA 4D is a tool for artists who want to create fantastic looking projects professionally and easily!

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