Webinar: Vessel Hull Design, Fairing and Reverse Engineering With Rhino

Learn more about designing a beautiful hull shape for your ship, yacht or boat with Rhino. This webinar is hosted by McNeel & Associates and presented by two naval architects from RhinoCentre. The webinar session follows the main topics of three online training modules developed by RhinoCentre.

As not many people are aware of the mature features of Rhinoceros in creating smooth hulls, you can learn more about the following topics in this webinar:

Hull design and fairing Level-1:

  • The basic idea of rapid hull modeling with loft/loose command together with ‘Record History’.
  • A custom display ‘Glossy for Fairing’ to analyze the quality of the surface.
  • Basic hydrostatic analysis with Rhino for fast design optimization.
  • The creation of a lines plan based on a hull.
  • Some vessel hull type examples which can be modeled with this method:
    – 6 ship hulls.
    – 4 yacht hulls.
    – 3 boat hulls.

Prepare 2D input
The importance of preparing 2D AutoCAD drawings when they are used for 3D modeling and/or reverse engineering.

Hull design and fairing Level-2:

  • The method for reverse engineering an accurate 3D hull from a linesplan/ laserscan etc.
  • About developable hull shapes:
    – Gaussian analysis.
    – Unrolling strakes.

Thursday 15th March 2018

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