Vectorworks Perpetual Licences Are Coming to an End – Your Options, plus 25% Discount

As we approach the launch of Vectorworks 2023 this September, it has been officially announced that Vectorworks will continue offering monthly and annual subscriptions, while retiring the option to purchase new perpetual licences beginning 1st January 2023.

This change will provide all Vectorworks customers with access to a more stable product by increasing the frequency of updates and consistent quality throughout each version.

Additionally, subscriptions will be enhanced to include all the same premium benefits of Vectorworks Service Select – at no additional cost – granting access to additional product library content, exclusive training, more Cloud Service storage, and cloud rendering.

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I Have an Active Service Select Membership

These upcoming changes do not affect the terms or status of any existing Service Select agreement. As long as you maintain your licence(s) under Service Select, you will be able to continue to renew your agreement annually and enjoy the same benefits you do today, including access to new software releases.

While you will continue to have access to your perpetual licences after January 1st, your Service Select membership ensures that you can continue to enjoy the benefits that you do today, including upgrades to the current version as they are released. If you cancel your membership after January 1st, you will not be able to resume it in the future and will need to transition your perpetual licence to a subscription to access new software releases.

I Would Like to Buy a New Perpetual Licence of Vectorworks

If you are interested in purchasing additional perpetual licences, you should do so before 30 December as these will no longer be available from 1st January 2023.

I Would Like to Upgrade an Old Version of Vectorworks

If you have Vectorworks 2021, 2020, or 2019, you are eligible to upgrade to 2022 and to take advantage of the limited time offer below.

Please note that with the release of 2023, support for 2019 will be dropped and there will no longer be an upgrade path for 2019 licences.

Save 25% on Vectorworks

If you choose to buy before 13th September, you can save 25% off the cost of a new perpetual licence without the additional pro-rated cost of adding the licence to your current agreement term.

New Customers
25% off license + £0 Service Select for first year

25% off upgrade OR new license + £0 Service Select for first year

Existing Service Select Customers
25% off additional licenses + £0 proration for remaining term of contract

Vectorworks 2022 Users or users with No Service Select
25% off Service Select for the first year

There is also an opportunity to reinstate if you cancelled as of January 2020 or later. If you pay all past-due renewals to reinstate contract and remain active with no additional fees or penalties. Customers have the opportunity to reinstate until December 31, 2022

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