V-Ray 3.6 for Revit – Now Available

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New in V-Ray 3.6 for Revit

Streamlined UI
Updated and streamlined interface for a more intuitive, user-friendly workflow.

Hybrid Rendering
V-Ray GPU running on NVIDIA CUDA can now take full advantage of all available hardware, including GPUs and CPUs.

Faster Scene Export
With our new optimisations and smart caching, translation and rendering of complex scenes is now up to 4 times faster.

Asset Browser
The new Asset Browser now includes materials and proxy objects, and allows you to select and edit multiple items at once.

Filter Maps By Linked Files
Filter materials from linked projects separately from project materials.

Improved Colour Material
The Colour Material now includes options for transparency, glossiness and reflections.

Global Material Overrides
Improved user interface with new option to override RPC materials.

V-Ray Proxies
ArchVision RPC objects can be used as stand-ins for V-Ray proxy objects in your Revit scene to render high resolution models of trees, cars, people and other entourage.

V-Ray Grass & Fur
Render realistic grass and fur.

Infinite Ground Plane
The Infinite Ground Plane includes new global override controls, an improved UI, and is supported in interactive rendering mode.

Autogen Materials
AutoGen materials are now supported in interactive rendering mode.

Improved Settings Sharing
A new UI makes it easy to share settings between projects and users, including importing settings by category.

Improved Standalone Material Editor
A new colour picker, and new gradient and colour temperature texture maps have been added to the Standalone Material Editor.

Improved V-Ray Frame Buffer
Copy the entire frame buffer image to the clipboard, including background and colour corrections.

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