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What is Chaos Vantage 2, and what makes it special?

Chaos Vantage 2 is a high-quality visualisation tool for V-Ray artists to quickly
explore and present their work in a fully ray-traced environment that can handle
massive scenes.

Chaos Vantage 2 is a technology for exploring and presenting V-Ray scenes in
real-time within a 100% ray-traced environment. Artists and designers simply drag
and drop or live link their V-Ray scenes (.vrscene) to explore them immediately in
real-time – without wasting time optimising geometry and materials, unwrapping
UVs, or light baking. Once in Vantage, users have the freedom to define and recall
views and scene states, create immersive experiences, and better communicate
their designs.

With support for an array of essential production rendering features, Chaos Vantage
enables users to present their ideas with close-to-production images and video
even at the previz stage while taking only a fraction of the render time.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 with Update 2004 or newer (version 10.0.19041)
  • DXR compatible NVIDIA or AMD GPU (maximum of two)
  • For NVIDIA GPUs -RTX series or newer, required driver 515 or newer,
  • recommended driver 530 or newer
  • For AMD GPUs – RX 6000 series or newer
  • System RAM should equal or exceed GPU memory (minimum 8GB RAM)

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