BricsCAD Maintenance Offer

Save 20% When Upgrading BricsCAD

Access all product upgrades and updates, get priority support, access a wealth of plug-ins, and get premium support on the latest 3 versions of BricsCAD – all at a discounted price!

Get 20% off when upgrading an existing BricsCAD licence to V22. If you’re already on V22, but don’t have maintenance (or it’s expired), you can get a contract at the normal maintenance price.

This offer will be available starting Monday, April 18th, and ends Friday, May 20th. 2022.

  • 20% discount on the total cost of version upgrades, meaning if you already have an outdated version of BricsCAD (from V14 until V21) you will be able to upgrade to V22 and get on maintenance for 20% less.
  • 33% discount on “upgrade to maintenance”. If you have a BricsCAD V22 licence without a maintenance contract, or an expired maintenance contract, you will be able to get on maintenance for the normal price of a maintenance contract and not be charged the uplift.

Please note that this offer is not valid for licences on V13 or older. This offer only applies to V14 – V21, and V22 without maintenance. There are no discounts on new licences, level upgrades (e.g. Lite to Pro), or maintenance renewals.

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