Rhino 5 Surfacing Webinar

Free Webinar : Rhino 5 Intermediate –¬†Surface continuity in Rhino

McNeel Europe
June 29, 2017
11:00 – 12:00 (CET)
Most models will have to deal with surface continuity at some point,  as it is very rare to have an object made out of one single surface. This webinar will cover Position (G0), Tangency (G1) and Curvature (G2) continuity, learning about matching and blending surfaces together using a desired continuity at each side. We will also be using tools to analyse both continuity and quality of surfaces.
The model used for this webinar is a boat hull, where smooth transitions and surfaces are required.
It is strongly recommended to watch the webinar on curves before attending/watching this one!
A solid knowledge of Rhino is required. No microphone or webcam are required. The seminar is not platform dependent; it is aimed at both Windows and Mac users.
The Tech Team experts of McNeel Europe will conduct the webinar in different languages. Remember that all previous webinars can be viewed here.

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