Orbit Anywhere for Free with SketchUp Viewer for Mobile

SketchUp Viewer for smartphones and tablets is now free to use. Explore and communicate in 3D with everyone, everywhere.

SketchUp Viewer for Mobile

  • Orbit anywhere

    Open models from 3D Warehouse, Trimble Connect or other online storage apps. Then orbit, pan, and zoom using the free SketchUp Viewer app. Select from preset Scenes to quickly hop around projects or play fly-through animations. Instant 3D wow.

  • Your models, your way

    With section planes, orthographic and perspective cameras, layer visibility, X-Ray mode, edge and face styles, you (literally) have SketchUp in your pocket.

  • Augment your reality

    Merge 3D models with the world around you using augmented reality (AR) viewing. Reimagine room layouts, evaluate proposals in context, or bring history projects to life: it’s the most fun you’ll have in 3D today. (Available via in app purchase)


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