Maxwell Render 3.0.1

The first patch for Maxwell Render V3 has been released and is now available to download from the customer gateway.


  • Improved: behavior of blocked emitters in SSS objects
  • Improvements in the license validation tool
  • Windows installer now adds firewall exception properly when the RLM license manager is installed
  • Improved: performance in machines with many cores
  • Improved: performance in scenes with instances that intersect
  • Mechanisms for finding missing paths improved

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: volumetrics with opacity
  • Fixed: procedural volumetric noise was not using high and low values
  • Fixed: crash in old scenes with instances
  • Fixed: crash in volumetrics when created with high number of internal voxels
  • Fixed: crash in scenes with SSS and emitters
  • Fixed: potential bug in objects with opacity
  • Fixed: issue reading emitters with invalid emission types
  • Fixed: alembic material assignments, the scene default material is now assigned to objects without material
  • Fixed: transform motion blur with subsurface scattering
  • Fixed: potential crash with blocked emitters and motion blur
  • Fixed: potential artifacts with subsurface scattering
  • Fixed: potential artifacts (white dots) with IES files when there were more emitters in the scene
  • Fixed: problem rendering passes in -node (no gui) mode
  • Fixed: transformation motion blur of objects in a hierarchy with moving parents
  • Fixed: potential problem with instances that intersect
  • Fixed: potential crash when saving image files
  • Fixed: issue saving images from the MXI image dialog
  • Fixed: some issues in the license activator
  • Fixed: “Save image” gui option with embedded channels
  • Fixed: potential failure when saving embedded custom alpha channels
  • Fixed: failure with blocked emitters with motion blur
  • Fixed: brick procedural – when the “Double brick” parameter is checked and textures are used, both big and small bricks now have the same mapping (previously, each texture was mapped in a different way depending to each Brick size and, as a consequence, big and small bricks looked like they had different materials applied to them).
  • Fixed: command line flag -copymxi:path
  • Fixed: command line flag -disableextensions, which is used to avoid extensions being loaded
  • Fixed: overlay text with fast multilight preview
  • Fixed: volumetrics with motion blur
  • Fixed: bug in MXS references when using object/material id channels or custom alphas
  • Fixed: some objects became invisible in render due numeric precision issues
  • Fixed: potential clipping with volumetrics
  • Fixed: crash with emitter instances and motion blur
  • Fixed: recalculate normals in scaled objects were generating smoothing artifacts


Maxwell Studio / MXED


  • Fixed: “Use override map” couldn’t be unchecked
  • Fixed: changing material type with a global bump active was disabling the map
  • Fixed: blending of procedural textures was not visible in texture picker nor opengl viewport
  • Fixed: refresh issue of shadow/matte toggles when the material list was in list view
  • Fixed: mapping difference between v2 and v3 with some UV settings.
  • Fixed: MXED shows MXM files only when running it with material browser mode (flag -brwclose)
  • Fixed: “Convert to advanced” was adding a default layer on top
  • Fixed: issue with procedural textures in OSX
  • Fixed: preference “Automatically create triangle groups in objects with more than one material” was not working
  • Fixed: crash deleting a material that was used in several triangle groups of the same object
  • Fixed: crash when saving a scene after removing a hierarchy, with objects referenced by instances out of the removed hierarchy
  • Fixed: extension presets with maps were potentially not properly loaded
  • Fixed: crash converting a material with displacement to advanced
  • Fixed: “Center Scene” was not working
  • Fixed: “save and close” button was not working properly with material types (it was giving a “can’t save empty material” error)
  • Fixed: global bump could not be displayed in the viewport with material types




  • Fixed: batch render mode was failing in some cases
  • Fixed: general stability improved

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